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Stop Surviving & Start 

An 8-week Education Course on Learning About

What Causes Depression & Anxiety and How to Cure It


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These are all words that can be used to describe some of the symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.  Contrary to popular belief, depression isn't just crying or feeling sad all the time. It can be anything from feeling indifferent towards people or situations, not looking forward to going to bed because of having to "do it all over again" the next morning or having no desire or motivation for daily tasks.


Anxiety isn't just panic attacks and feeling worried all the time. It can be as simple as avoiding social interactions or people because they make you uncomfortable, often feeling restless, or irritable, and even experiencing headaches or excessive perspiration.


Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and anxiety is the most common mental health disorder, yet although these and their underlying conditions are prevalent, fortunately, no one needs to suffer from these diseases for a lifetime. For one to be able to minimize or get rid of these symptoms, they must first understand why they are occurring.


Dr. Nedley's highly successful science-backed mental health treatment and research program does exactly that. What this course highlights is that no one is immune from experiencing depression or anxiety. It often happens when a person is experiencing 4 or more of what Dr. Nedley describes as the "Ten "Hit" Categories for being diagnosed with depression or anxiety. Thankfully, many people have been able to completely eliminate depression and/or anxiety by following the proven principles of this program. 

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Who is Dr. Nedley?

Neil Nedley, MD, is founder and medical director of the 8-week community-based and 10-day residential Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Programs™ and Optimize Your Brain™. Dr. Nedley is an award-winning practicing physician who also serves as president of Weimar University, a higher education college that houses the NEWSTART program. He has presented and published numerous scientific studies in the medical/scientific literature and is well-known as an author, public speaker, and teacher throughout the world.  

What This 8-Week Course Covers


How To Improve

Your Brain


How Thinking Can Defeat Depression & Anxiety





Lifestyle Therapies For

Depression & Anxiety


Making & Staying With Positive Lifestyle Choices


Enhancing Frontal 

Lobe Function


Nutrition For

The Brain


Stress Without 



Depression •  Sleep disturbances •  Fatigue •  Apathy •  Loss of focus or concentration •  Feelings of worthlessness •  Deep sadness •  Feelings of hopelessness •  Emptiness •  Weight and appetite problems • Irritability • Agitation •  Difficulty in functioning •  Lack of interest and motivation •  Insomnia •  Early morning awakening •  Oversleeping •  Difficulty in making good decisions •  Relationship problems •  Loss of libido and sexual problems •  Underachieving •  Feelings of being on edge•  Feelings of panic•  Social anxiety •  Phobias •  Obsessions and compulsions •  Post-traumatic stress disorder •  Poor self-control •  Poor frustration tolerance •  Addictions •  Brain fog •  Suicidal thoughts and tendencies •  And much more

IMPORTANT: This program is in no way intended to replace or substitute the traditional forms of treatment for depression and anxiety, such as professional therapy or doctor-prescribed medications. Please consult your physicians should you need any further advice on your current forms of treatment. 


The most help from the D/A group was my eyes were opened to what degree of negativity I was thinking/saying to myself and others. I couldn’t believe it and it was difficult at first to find this out about myself, but certainly worth it. I was surprised at not just myself, but how negative others were in my life and have since let go of one person in my life, easily. Life is indeed better without so much negativity from either myself, or others.


I came into the program thinking that it would do nothing for me and that it was kind of pointless because I was too far in my depression and anxiety. But by the time the first session had ended, I felt a difference like there was hope for me. As a sessions went on and on and I heard more of the information, I felt a little bit better each time because there was a sliver of hope that I could get out of the hole that I was in. Although I'm still suffering from both depression and anxiety, I remember that it doesn't have to always be this way. And I'd actually like to thank you for inspiring me to be part of the program. Overall, I loved the information, the fellowship, the new friends I've made. It felt like a breath of fresh air in probably the dullest time of my life. 

Jaedelle Clarke

The program was pretty comprehensive. One thing thing I like about the program is that it gets into the roots of a problem rather than treating symptoms. At night, I couldn’t shut my mind off. I was a smoker for 30 years. As a result of the program I was able get the help I needed to quit. I would recommend the program first to anyone who feel they might have depression, and also to anyone who is close to someone who suffers with depression…

Jeff Fette


Ready to Change Your Life?

Our current program runs
JAN 22 - MAR 11, 20
Every Monday 7-9 pm

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